What makes Japanese Rice Cookers Different

It was my turn to prepare dinner. Rice and beef stew would be on the menu. I gather all my ingredients, set the rice on fire and get back to writing. I was so engrossed in my work that when a burning smell hit my nose, I panicked.

“Damn it!’’, I cursed, I just burnt the rice…..again!”

Cooking rice is pretty simple and straightforward. You simply light your stove, measure the right quantity of water and wait for it to boil then cover it as you wait for the ready meal. You may even look down upon those who prefer to use a rice cooker as lazy people. But with constant messes like burnt, marshy or raw rice, I was pushed to get the best japan rice cooker.

I would have chosen any rice cooker I got on the store shelf, but my friend Isabel insisted I get a Japanese rice cooker. I did. And I am glad I listened to her. This is what I found out about Japanese rice cookers, and what’s so different about them.

One general benefit of rice cookers is that it always cooks the rice perfectly. You just add rice, measure the water and touch the button. Once your rice is cooked, it will automatically go off. What stands out when talking about Japanese rice cookers are the technological advancement used to make their rice cookers.

Japanese rice cookers come in a variety of designs. From the old electrical rice cooker with removable lids to a more advanced one that combines ‘Micons’(the fuzzy logic) and IH technology functionalities. What this means is that the cookers are not just robotic, they are a bit more humanized. Knowing when to reheat, warm up, slow down the cook timer or speed it up are their major advantage.

The one I found amazing had a Tiger’s own ‘tacook’ multi-functionality. This is a system that allows you to prepare two different dishes at the same time. The cooker is sensible enough to monitor and control the cooking of both dishes, ensuring that each one comes out perfectly.

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 is another awesome model sold on Amazon. It is specially made not only to cook rice but also make sushi and porridge. It can handle regular, hard and even soft consistency of sushi. It is non-stick and has a slow cooking timer. So if you already have your rice in the cooker, but you do not want it ready immediately, you can make it cook at a slower pace just by a touch of a button.

The rice cooker also has Neuro Fuzzy technology, meaning the cooker can “think for itself”. This means it can sense when to re-adjust the temperature and cooking time so that your rice is cooked to perfection, at your chosen pace.

What is even more awesome is that once your rice has cooked, the rice cooker has an inbuilt programming which triggers off a melody to indicate it’s time to dig into your ready rice. So even if you were engrossed in some other stuff, surely the sound of music like melody should reach your ears.

It was expensive to buy my Japanese made rice cooker, but its been so worth it I don’t regret it.