Tips on using a beard trimmer

Don’t deny it, dude! You are here most probable because you are looking for that first impression with a well-shaven beard or you are in for a whole new beard shaving experience. I am not saying it’s bad. In fact, the same thing inspired me to write this article. Let’s face it, buddies, we’ve been watching Robert Downey playing Tony Stark in Avenger series and lronman and we all can’t deny that he has a goatee that most of us would kill for. Well, perhaps, that’s where you got your inspiration or you want to try something on your own. Being original isn’t bad either but we’ve got to agree on one thing. An immaculately trimmed beard doesn’t just come from the blues. It demands skill, time and a good trimmer. Any of the styles you desire are possible but you have to learn how to use a trimmer like a pro with tips from the site

So, how is it done? I really want a nice one badly!

Well, I have a collection of 10 tips on using a beard trimmer to help you achieve a beard of your dreams. Before we can even proceed, I would like to state something. Trimmers are not new in the 21 st century, but just like time changes, their technology has also been evolving. Therefore, the way you used to trim your beard a few years might not apply today.

1. Choose a style that suits your face

It is very crucial to make sure that your face will match with your desired cut. If you are trying on a look you haven’t had before, why not use a makeover software on your computer or smartphone to see how it is going to look on you? A makeover software will help you try several facial styles before you can make the final decision on what you want.

2. Make sure you can style the beard you have chosen

After you have your selection, you need to go ahead and find out if you have the skill to style it. Else you might end up spoiling the whole. If you can’t style the beard yourself, as a friend or professional to help you out.

3. Don’t fall for myths

I am sure that you have already heard the myth that shaving your beard regular will increase its thickness or boost hair growth. It’s a lie so don’t choose a style hoping that it is going to help your beard become thicker. Whenever you are choosing a style, always bear in mind that thickness you want to maintain. A trimmer has several modes of shaving so it won’t be hard achieving a thickness of your choice.

4. Use mustache wax

A moderate application of this wax will help you achieve shapes otherwise you couldn’t achieve on your own. Use the wax to style the beard then use the trim. The wax outlines areas such as the jaws, cheeks or even the hairline

5. Always comb before trimming

Combing the beard before trimming will help you achieve a uniform shave. Nonetheless, ensure that you only trim in our direction for a polished look.

6. Trim regularly for consistency

If you have decided that the style looks good on you, and you want to keep it, you have to keep it maintained by shaving at least once a week. Otherwise, it could become unkempt.

7. Use hair conditional before trimming

Generally, facial hair is thicker than that on the head. Hair conditioner will help in softening hair bristles for a smooth shave

8. The sideburns matter

You should never forget shaping and trimming the sideburns. If you shape them too low, they will make your face bigger than usual. Shaping the sideburns well will give uniformity to your face.

9. Take care of your trimmer

After you are done using it or any of its attachments, clean it with a dry brush and use a disinfectant. A clean and well-maintained trimmer will serve you for long and will also ensure that you don’t get infected in case you break your skin while shaving.

10. Buy a good trimmer

last but not the least. When shopping for a trimmer, ensure that it is in its original package and light enough to manipulate easily.

Bottom line

If you are not sure of the trimmer you want to buy, why not make comparisons of the several beard trimmers available online. Once you’ve got, try on the best looks for that first impression.