This is a document that belongs to the social security administration that is used for acquiring a new social security card, substitution of the card or for amendment of the card. Thus it is a document that can be used by citizens to apply for multiple situations, as seen fromĀ

At the point when life conditions of a citizen change he or she usually need this form, this is because he or she has to acquire a new social security card, in order to get another card the citizen has to fill the administration SS- 5 form and submit with it no less than two documents that show his or her citizenship status, personality and age.


Notwithstanding a citizen’s reason for applying for a social security card, he or she still has to apply manually since the filled form cannot be presented to the authorities online. The citizen should mail the SS-5 form together with the necessary documents to the closest social security office or take them there personally. The authorities in charge of social security are always strict about the prerequisites involved during the application process thus they only acknowledge a citizen’s original documents or duplicates affirmed by the office that issued the report. Regardless of whether a citizen takes a photocopy and the unique document to a legal officer to get the photocopy authenticated it still will not be acceptable.

The citizen generally needs to submit the original supporting documents to demonstrate age, personality and citizenship status which are essential during the application process.


1. When a citizen needs to acquire a first social security card.

In the event a person has become an adult and has never acquired a social security card or rather his parents or guardians have never acquired one for him then he or she needs to fill the SS-5 form in order to acquire the card. The citizen later needs to show up face to face at the social security office to meet the officials for an interview, the citizen will further need to demonstrate that he or she has never been given a social security number.

2. When a citizen needs to acquire a card for another person who he or she cares for

This happens on grounds that a citizen has given birth or has adopted a child. The authority always advises citizens to get him or her a social security number as early as possible, this can happen at the place of birth. In case one is applying in the interest of another person then he or she needs to reveal his identity and prove that he is related to them or in charge of them which usually requires more documentation.

3. When a citizen needs to replace a damaged social security card

In this case the process is simple though one is limited on the number of times that he can replace his card over a period of time. The citizen has to fill the form and accumulate the required documents for replacement.