The purpose of Signs

You could be standing outside your retail business wondering why your competitors are receiving a lot of customers while you go unnoticed for days. You have done all you possibly could to improve your products, and invested in a great service team. However, all they do is usher in one or two people who are not even sure they are in the right place or not. You’re frustrated and you think that this may have been a wrong choice of business.

Don’t give up just yet. The problem may not be your staff, or how great your quality of service is. Without a sign, it has been impossible for your customers to find you! There are dangers of not having a sign for your retail business, some of which we are about to discuss here.

But before i jump into details, you should know this: Letter Signs from serve two major purposes:

To act as a guide and to Create awareness

According a survey done by FedEx, a firm dealing in business marketing solutions firm, about 60% of consumers who took part in the survey said that the lack of signs stopped them from entering a store business. I’ll explain this in detail.


See, the number one reason why businesses have signs is to be easily located. You don’t want to to receive customers who feel lost and ask you if you are ‘so and so’ when they find you. This makes you loose credibility and will definitely send all your customers to your nearest competitor’s store.

Brand reinforcement

You may want to step outside and look at your competitors’ signages. They are all of different sizes and shapes that tell of the various services offered. If you look closer, you’ll notice that these signs also sell the brand image of the businesses they represent. Notice the differences? This brings us to our next concern.


A sign that is bold and noticeable from a good distance will make you stand out. You may have lost many customers who either drove by because they could not see you off the road, or stepped into you competitors stores because they overshadowed you. What you may also not know is that having a sign may attract new customers to you. This will mostly happen if you take advantage of this and advertise any offers you may have.

Culture reflection

A sign does more than just state its brand. It reflects your culture too. You get to advertise who you are and what you are about all on one signage. Your customers will identify with you and this will make them loyal to you. There is more…ln a nutshellThere are grave dangers of not having a sign for your retail business. Without one, you lose the opportunity to -Get your brand out there-let your customers easily find you and…-Show off to the world Now that you understand this, go on and get your business signs done. While at it, get some to help your customers easily navigate within your office. You wouldn’t want your customers to finally find you and end up walking into the wrong room to seek assistance, would you?