Replacing a lost social security card

A Social Security Card, SSC, is a document of identification in the US. You cannot live or work in the country if you do not have the card. It is therefore paramount to always have the card. In case your card is stolen, lost or misplaced, you can still apply another one. It is easy and free to replace an SSC. If you need to replace your card, the below Social Security Card replacement guide from will help.

Essential documents required

Before you proceed with the replacement process, it is paramount to possess required documents. This ensures that the process is neither delayed nor denied. You need documents that prove your age, identity, and citizenship. Authorities accept the documents based on the applicant’s birthplace, legal age and citizenship status. You should present 2 or more documents for clarity and verification. Documentation is as necessary as the application process and the card itself.

Having all documents in place, you can proceed with the SSC replacement process through the guide below;

1.Visit the website and download the SSC-form. After downloading, print and fill all the required information. The form is in PDF, so ensure that your PC has PDF download software. Alternatively, fill in the details and print a filled form later.

2.Ensure that all the information you provide is precise, correct and voluntary. Provide a proper address because the agency sends the card to the address within two weeks. Most importantly, ensure you verify the authenticity of the information by signing the SSC form.

3.After completing the form filling process, gather the required documentation such as passport, birth certificate or a certificate of naturalization. Documents such as driver’s license also prove identity. In case you lack any of these documents, you can use a health insurance document or a US military or School ID as identity proof. Whether a US-Born or an immigrant, a birth certificate is always needed to prove your age.

4.Scan the SSC form and the requested documents and e-mail them to the SSA office. Alternatively, if your residence is near the office, you can take them to the office yourself. The agency freely processes your SSC card in not more than two weeks.

Alternative online application

SSC card online application saves times and is also convenient. You can complete all the replacement process steps at once without downloading, scanning or mailing. Replace your cad online using these steps; Visit the above website and register for a personal account. If you already have one, just sign in and click the Home and Overview button consecutively.

  • Proceed to the link titled ‘repIacement documents.’
  • The next link will allow you to request for a card replacement
  • Answer various questions and confirm that you are eligible
  • Fill in individual information as required and submit


It is risky and inconvenient not to have your SSC always. If unfortunately, you lose your card, it is crucial to replace it immediately. You can order another card online quickly by following the above Social Security Card replacement guide. Always remember to fill in accurate information and submit original documents for identification and identify proving. The replacement process is free, and the SSA office processes the card within the shortest time possible.