Why oil workers need lawyers too

Though the oil and gas industry has the vital contribution in our global economy enabling it to extract and refine petroleum. The industry involves working with toxic chemicals and heavy equipment which could be a heady mix.

Being an oil and gas worker, specifically in the fracking industry, a developing industry by leaps and bounds without following safety precautions, may be fracking is a manner to make a living, but it could be deadly as well. Oilfield accidents have a well-known reputation for causing serious injuries, and it wholly deserved this reputation.

In the present time, fracking is one of the most controversial oil extraction methodologies used widely, involving its hazards and some of which might lead to serious injuries or deaths on the oilfield. While the dangers of fracking to communities and environment have long been a theme of discussion, the welfare of workers has not been secured as completely and now is the ideal time for that to change. This amazingly unsafe industry puts laborers at extreme danger of occupational injuries as well as future medical complications, and numerous fracking workers have deficient individual safety gear and legitimate protections. This is terrible news for everybody, not merely workers.

Hydraulic fracturing, as it all the more formally was known, is the utilization of pressurized fluids to get to oil and gas deposits. Ecologically it includes the waste of billions of gallons of water and additionally ecological devastation in communities where wells are set, and it’s been joined with sinkholes, earthquakes, and destruction of wildlife habitat. Chronic health problems, flaming water, and other color full issues are some of the few complaints of people living in communities where fracking is used. Illustrate the fact that this method has expansive impacts that can’t be constrained to the oilfield.

In oil and gas industry, the workers are typically exposed to silica dust, a process byproduct, and when the substance is inhaled, it could cause lung inflammation that can lead to silicosis, an incurable respiratory condition or can cause kidney disease, chronic pulmonary obstructive disorder, lung cancer and autoimmune conditions. Some of the few people feel illness just after weeks or months of exposure; however, others don’t feel anything until the end of a lifetime of work.

Due to the chemicals and the pressure involved in the fracking process, any oilfield whether it is oil or gas can be a dangerous place. During these operations, there is a potential for serious injuries that might not exist at the regular drilling operations. This industry has high-risk rates which only mean that workers at oil and gas industry have to be given extra safety training so that they properly handled the potentially hazardous environment they work in. With the increasing number of well, the number of workers has increased, analysis has gone down, and the injuries have climbed.
As everyone has right to stay and live in a healthy work environment, it’s time to consider the worker’s safety at priority along with its environmental problems and damage it causes to surrounding communities.