How much should you spend on a baby shower gift?

We’ve all been in this situation. We receive an invitation to a baby shower from a friend or co-worker, and we are expected to attend. The expectation follows that a gift will be given by each attendee so that the soon-to-be mother will can “showered” with presents. Though that seems simple enough, buying the perfect shower gift and knowing how much to spend can be a very hard decision to make. Some people set a limit and work within a budget and price range. Some simply shop and find the gift that they think is perfect, regardless of cost. Whatever your strategy, be sure to find something that is within your budget and will make you proud and happy to give it as a gift. So go out there and purchase baby shower gifts for your loved ones!

If you are looking for a more precise guideline, consider this; if you are buying for someone who you work with or someone who you do not know all that well and are not certain of their style, consider spending anywhere from twenty to thirty dollars. If you are buying a baby shower gift for a good friend, somewhere in the neighbourhood of fifty dollars will suffice. Finally, if you are buying for a very good friend or a member of your family, consider spending anywhere from seventy-five or one hundred dollars. The key to all of this is, how much do you feel content spending? Of course, there are many conventions that can come into play when thinking about all of this. What will people think if they find out that you have spent less than they have on a gift for the baby shower? The pressure can be overwhelming, but only if you let it.

One idea is to purchase a gift for more than one person. There is usually a gift on a shower gift registry that is far more expensive than most people plan to spend. Items such as cribs or rockers tend to sit on the registry because of their high price. But, if you find a small group of friends who will buy the item with you, the cost will be reduced and, chances are, the recipient will be thrilled.

Another way to offset some of the cost of a baby shower gift is to make something. Although it is commonly thought that you can only give gifts listen on a registry, receiving a gift that is handmade can be a much more thoughtful and meaningful present. If you are a knitter, make a baby hat or blanket. If you like to draw or paint, consider creating a beautiful piece of art that can hang on the wall in the baby’s room. This is a lovely idea because it can be used for years to come.

Whatever you choose to do or how much you choose to spend on a gift for a baby shower, keep in mind that the most important gift you can give is your friendship, support and love. A tangible gift is just another way to express that sentiment. Take away the pressure and just enjoy the celebration.