How do you receive your mail?

Silly question, how do you receive your mail? Well, if you get your mail from your home address, it is important that you update your address to reflect your current living premises, and will tell you why. Before we indulge in that, did you know that there are more than 100,000,000 priority mails which do not reach there intended destination every year? That number is quite huge. The reason for this is usually because people are continually changing their homes. Now, here are the reasons why it is essential to change your home address when you move.

Identity verification

When subscribing to an online platform like Netflix, you have noticed that you are asked to enter that address that is associated with your credit card. The companies involved do this so that the can verify whether or not you are the owner of that credit card. When registering with Visa to obtain your credit card, you are required to include your residential address. When making online purchases, they compare your billing address and the details you gave them. If you move without informing Visa, it will be difficult for them to assert that you are indeed the owner of that credit card, so your purchases will not go through. Also, telecommunication companies, motor vehicle license departments, the police and registration departments use the same method. Some documents still need to be hand-delivered

There are documents that have to reach you in person. You can not get card renewals through email. You will also need your passport and drivers licensed to be delivered to your home. Some documents require that you provide your original signature for them to be valid. Registration and insurance will always be sent to you through the mail. Again, if you receive newspapers or magazines, or you have subscribed to monthly clothing or accessory boxes, you will need that they are mailed to your home address. Even if you opt for the e-bill option with your phone, bank or utility providers, you will still get mail every month. Not forgetting your Christmas cards. You do not want your personal mail falling into the hands of strangers.

It is the law

Of course, this depends on the policies that are set by the authorities in your area. In most cases, you are required to provide your personal details to registration departments, motor vehicle licensing departments and healthcare departments. The information obtained helps those authorities to keep accurate information about the citizens of that area and their voting requirements. Apart from the failure of being identified, wrong information can amount to other expenses that are hefty to cover.

To help business avoid ” dirty data”

Dirty data comes about when the databases of some businesses are inaccurate. These databases can display missing data, duplicate data, and even invalid physical and email addresses. This results in huge inefficiencies within the work environment and unnecessary expenses, resulting in huge costs every year. Ensuring that your home address is up to date may not necessarily be a solution to this problem, but it will reduce the number of mails that go undelivered, up to 70%, which come as a result of people moving.