How bicycle lights can help you

Many people in many countries of the world especially the youths like using bicycle transport. Well, what could be the reason? You don’t need to worry about it. It is clear that people prefer using bicycles because it is not only a mean of transport but also a hobby to many.On the other hand some people use it to maintain their shape.However in this article am going to talk of the importance of bicycle lights. Bicycle lights are lights in the bicycle which helps bicycle riders and the bicycle to be seen by other road users especially in the case of darkness. The following are the reasons why we need bicycle lights fromĀ

1. Bicycle lights helps in reducing road accidents

At night it is usually dark.This is the time that people get back home from theirjobs lets say at 7pm.This means that roads are busy because many people are traveling. There are many cars on the road and many bicycles too. In this case bicycle lights are important since they help the car drivers and to identify the bike from a distance therefore taking appropriate measures of overtaking.This ensures that there is no or low chance of causing an accident but when the bike doesn’t have lights the car driver might realize the cycle when its too late hence causing the accident. This is why you need bicycle lights.

2. It is a law requirement

Why you need bicycle lights is that no one is above the law. Even the president himself is not above the law. In many countries it is a law that when a bicycle is used at night it must have more than one light, a white light from the front and a red light from the rear. Failure to obey this law might lead to great consequences so its better to prevent than to treat.

3. It increases the users safety

This is another reason why you need bicycle lights. With appropriate light the rider is able so see objects which might cause accidents for instance bumps and potholes and avoid them. On the other hand incase of an accident the traffic police will check the cause of the accident. So when they find out that your bicycle did not have light that could be the cause. This will eventually cause you to be fined or even imprisoned in some countries.This is why you need bicycle lights.

4.They help the rider to be seen by other road users.

This occurs especially at nights when there are many cars and pedestrians on the road. Think about bicycles without lights, they will actually cause many road accidents because there might be a collision leading to loss of lives or even great injuries to peoples.

In conclusion I can Say that bicycle lights are very important not only to the rider but also to other road users. The government should be very strict on this law. Those who are found going against this law should be punished greatly or even be imprisoned. We should not allow one careless person to destroy the lives of many or put them in danger.This is why all the bicycle riders need bicycle lights.