Why are hospitals struggling to find doctors

Many people lacking a primary care physician who needs a doctor find themselves visiting an emergency room as opposed to a walk in doctor. This is not a matter of need or of why it’s just what most people do. It’s almost part of the popular culture to head to an emergency room if you do not have health care insurance.

This is because a large segment of uninsured people tend to have the idea that any health care at all is ridiculously expensive. While there is no denying that health care in this country is more expensive than it should be, there are options and alternatives available that make fiscal sense.

Not only does visiting a walk-in doctor, as opposed to an emergency room, make good financial sense, it also makes good common sense. The following are the top three reasons to choose a walk in doctor, preferably one that has been vetted and used Floyd Lee Locums to relocate.

1. They Keep You Healthier

The the last thing you require when you are feeling sick is to be jam-packed in an emergency room with a ton of other sick people. To make matters worse, once your name is called in a hospital emergency room, you are usually placed closer to the doctors. This means that you are enclosed by people with more serious health issues than you have. It is a common occurrence for someone who spends time in a hospital emergency room to come down with the flu or something equally as debilitating.

2. Personal Touch is The Key

When you are feeling your worst is when you tend to need the most sympathetic service. This is common sense, yet a hospital emergency room tends to deliver the opposite. Hey, they’re not to blame-it’s the nature of the game there. You are hardly treated with the kid gloves that most of us yearn for when we are sick. In a hospital emergency room you are treated like a number, but in a walk-in doctor’s office, you are treated as an individual. A walk in doctor does not feel the pressure to see and dismiss you as quickly as possible because there is an entire overcrowded waiting room struggling for a doctor’s care in line behind you.

3. Your Time Matters

If you have ever used time in an emergency room, you probably do not believe this. However, we promise you that it is true. The bottom line is that you do not have to wait hours upon hours to be seen by a doctor when you are sick. We know this sounds hard to believe, but trust us that when you arrive at a walk-in doctor’s office, they know you are there, and they try their best to see you, treat you and send you home to rest. Let’s be honest, the reason why most people have to wait so long in an emergency room is that of what an emergency room’s primary function is: to treat emergencies. If anyone arrives with a broken bone, they jump in front of you. If anyone arrives with cardiac symptoms, they jump in front of you. And the list goes on and on.

Allow an emergency room to do what it does best, and when you are feeling ill and require to be seen by a medical professional choose a walk in doctor. You will not be sorry that you did.