Why gender kits are unreliable.

As you look forward to your new bundle of joy, your expectations will go into overdrive as you try and guess the gender of your baby. From the old wives’ tales to wisdom handed down generations. Every culture in the world is obsessed with this fact. You may even have heard your grandmother swear by the veracity of determining gender through food cravings.

But, how will you know the gender results? How do you make sure that on the happiest day of your life, you will not have an awkward conversation with friends and family? In short, what is the a priori gender verification test to avoid? One of these is the gender testing kits. You may have ordered one online already. But, he is what you should know.

The claims it makes are huge, to say the least. And, like all innovations derived from science, any huge claim requires an extra ordinary and rigorous experimentation. And even then, for it to stand as a credible paradigm, capable of competing with other theories. It should not have so many gaps in it. That is the gender testing kit for you! Huge claims but the science on which it stands is very weak.

Why is it a weak method of determining gender?

As a prenatal gender testing kit, it is a hassle-free method of testing the gender of a fetus- you do not have to worry about making a doctor’s appointment.In fact, many women buy the kit for that very reason. All you have to do is pee into a cup. Ostensibly, to provoke a chemical reaction and voila! After that depending on the color changes, you can infer from that, on whether you will have a boy or a girl.

I know what you are thinking if the hormones that responsible for maintaining the correct conditions required for a successful pregnancy can be detected through a urine test. Why then can’t the same logic be applied for determining the gender of the baby? I mean, pregnancy testing kits like Organic Gender work on that premise, don’t they?

Well, the simple reason is this. The human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone, released by the womb to create optimal conditions for pregnancy, is released in such huge amounts in the first weeks of implantation, and you can’t miss it. And even then, doctors will insist on further blood tests just to be sure.

Hormone quantity being the operative term, the baby’s gender determining hormone would not meet the same quantity threshold, as those hormones produced by the mother. It may be a weak analogy, but for now, it will do. It is a useful scaling tool in this context, for you to make a comparison. Essentially, it would take the procurement of the baby’s genetic material, for you to get similar amounts of HCG hormone found in the mother’s urine.The baby’s hormones do not filter in huge amounts into the mother’s urine, to warrant a definite positive.

And even then, the reason why no endocrinologist would take the gender testing kits seriously is because on the basis of hormone testing. You are most likely going to have positive boy result bias than girl results. The reason being that despite the gender of the fetus, all pregnant women during their pregnancy, will at one point or another experience a surge in testosterone hormone.