Dangers of buying a cheap garage door – the gift that keeps on giving.


45% of Americans reported their garage as being their main point of entry to their homes. The statistic increased to 71% if the home had a remote controlled garage door. If installed correctly it is also a relatively safe point of entry in your locked home with only 9% of home invasions happening through the locked garage door.

Statistically, the garage door is the largest moving object in your home and that giant object causes about 12,700 injuries annually. 16.5% of those injuries are caused by falling doors (which can and have killed people), 5% are caused due to the glass or spring components of the door and 6.4% caused by sharp edges. This means that 27.9% or 3543.3 injuries could have possibly been prevented by a good quality door.

Buying a cheap door might look like a good deal at the time, but what are you really buying? Considering the above-mentioned statistics the garage door is an important part of your home. A cheap door comes with a long list of problems that will show up sooner rather than later, as experienced by Parker Garage Doors & More, whom are constantly replacing cheap doors.

The first thing you will notice is with the installation of the door. Because of moisture and general wear and tear the door might be slightly skew and not properly shaped. This will make installation difficult. It will also mean that dirt, dust and cold air gets into your garage and then possibly your home, leading to higher cleaning and heating bills. Installation hardware is often not included in the door price and you’ll be holding up the door when you realize all the brackets aren’t there.

Later on, low-cost torsion springs, rollers, and cables will start to fail and break. You will now need to cough up that extra money that you saved earlier on. In the meantime, your door is stuck. It either won’t open, leaving you walking to work or it opened and is stuck. If you’re really unlucky, it happens in the dead of winter, during a storm and ice accumulates on everything in your garage and on the mechanisms. Now you get to remove the ice, then fix the door.

That 9% home invasion statistic now changes to make your garage the most used point of entry into your home and significantly increases your chances of being a target. Just think to yourself the monetary value lying around in your garage and how often you actually lock the connecting door to your home. Are you sure you can predict when and how the door mechanisms will fail? What if it happens as your child is sitting under the door playing?

Later on, you will get another surprise. The paint you thought was such a high quality is fading and peeling away much faster than you predicted. This is leaving a cheap, softwood exposed to elements, and various bugs. Your relatively new garage door quickly became an eyesore and a source of never-ending maintenance.

So, what do you buy when you buy a cheap door? You buy lots of muttered swear words, extra costs and wasted time. Happy shopping.