Benefits of car covers

photo-1446127281790-166e52d1b73cEvery car owner has asked himself this question at least once. You can see many cars with covers but also a lot of cars just sitting in the sun waiting to be admired. So what do car owners who use car covers know that others don’t?You bought yourself a new car and would put it on a pedestal for everyone to admire. You’ve put a lot of time and hard work into getting that car – so why not protect your investment?Your car is in the alley, and you and others are admiring how beautifully the sun shines on its curves. Perfect up until here! That beautiful sun shining on it is slowly destroying your precious car. UV radiation not only makes the paint’s color fade but it also protects the interior making you save money on later detailing. 1 point for car covers – 0 points for no car cover: UV PROTECTIONYou are only human so you probably live surrounded by people. Small children who run back and forth while playing games, older people and pedestrians caught up in their busy lives running from home to work and the supermarket not really paying attention to your beautiful new car. The next day you might just wake up asking yourself “Where did that little scratch come from?!”. A car cover helps you get prevention – a bag with a metallic strap as a design near your car won’t be a horror movie anymore.2 points for car covers – 0 points for no car cover: PROTECTION FROM SCRATCHES AND ABRASIONLet’s imagine another scenario. You are short on cash and decide the fastest way to get some money is to do some robbery. You won’t rob a bank- it’s kind of hard so you decide to rob from cars. You have to choose: a car with no car cover and a car with a car cover. What do you think you’ll choose? The easy and quick way or losing time to get the cover off and risking to get caught?3 points for car covers – 0 points for no car cover: THEFT PREVENTIONSo you don’t say I’m biased I thought a lot about giving no car covers some points. I have found one situation: places where you need to put parking tickets in your window.3 points for car covers – 1 point for no car cover: TICKETS IN YOUR WINDOWBirds, trees – nature in one world surrounds us. Even in big cities, you can at least find birds even if not so many trees. Sounds beautiful, right? It’s all great until you find bird droppings on your car. Bird droppings which slowly kill your beautiful car’s paint. Oh, and don’t get me started on the sticky pollen or wood tar that can get on your windows, doors or hood. Good luck cleaning it up!4 points for car covers – 1 point for no car cover: PROTECTION FROM DUST, BIRD DROPPINGS, DIRTYour car is not your new car anymore. All the hard work and time you have invested slowly became fun times, memories with friends and family and great trips. And maybe some fun memories that didn’t seem so fun then. Like that time you got a flat tire and tried to get it fixed while your friends were rather having a good time than trying to help you. But thinking back, everything they were laughing about seems kinda funny now. Technology evolved and there are so many models out there that make your heart melt. And you decide you want another car. You want to feel the new car smell and proudly admire it every time you walk towards it. Even catch another glance at it after you park it. Usually, the first step to getting a new car is selling your old car. You make some research – your car’s price dropped. It’s way less than you paid for it. You have the chance to get the best price for it because it is in neat condition. The paint looks great, the interiors are like new. Everything is in top condition – no scratches, no bends, no rust, no nothing! You will surely get a great price for it and that will be a great deposit for your new car. Well, this scenario is possible if you use a car cover. 5 points for car covers – 1 point for no car cover: PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT ON THE LONG RUN

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