All about US immigration and the best immigration attorneys in the US

The US immigration law was set up to determine who can enter the country, what they are going to do there and for how long they can stay there. The immigration law in the US traces back to 1790 when the naturalization act was established. The act was to drive the first rules of acquiring the United States citizenship. The current law is also used to determine who can be admitted as a permanent resident, therefore, becoming naturalized citizens. With the knowledge and experience gained from our work at Tadeo & Silva Immigration Attorneys, we will explain all about US immigration laws.

The immigration department in the US is one of the most sensitive departments, and therefore its laws are periodically updated to ensure convenience. Some aspects of the laws are also governed by the international law. So in general immigration in the United States is a matter of federal law and not the state law.

Immigration is generally under the Department of Homeland Security but is further subdivided into three agencies. These agencies include:

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
This agency is used to enforce federal laws which govern border controls, trade, customs, and immigration to promote public safety.

The US Customs and Border protection.
This department handles inspections and admissions of both people and goods into the US. It’s also tasked to ensure that weapons and terrorists are out of the country.

The US Citizenship and Immigration
Services. This is tasked this offering immigration benefits, issuing applications for naturalization as well as considering lawful permanent

The United States immigration law classifies people as either nationals or aliens. In the alien section, people are classified based on their immigration status. These can either be non-immigrant visa holders, undocumented people, lawful permanent residents or even foreign nationals with different lawful status.

For anyone to qualify for US citizenship through naturalization, they must have LPR status for at least 5 years. All applicants to become citizens must be more than 18 years old, must show continuous residency, must be of moral deeds, must pass English and know the US history, pay the citizenship application fee among may other requirements.

For you to become a citizen, you must go through a legal process.All the Immigration Attorneys are well experienced. For you to successfully go through the immigration process, you require the best attorneys. The country has many attorneys. We will, however, go through three of the best and most famous immigration attorneys in the United States.

Robert Divine – Robert is a well-experienced attorney who worked with the government from 2004 before leaving in 2007. He works with a group of 700 lawyers, and he mainly represents investor immigrants since he understands all about US immigration. More to just representing investors he makes sure that their businesses are operating within the law.

Edward Beshara- Beshara has been working with immigrants’ since1983. He is stationed in Florida, and he represents both corporate and individual clients. He has particularly represented investors in the EB-5 process since 1991.

Elsie Hui Arias- Harias is stationed in California as is a partner at the Grzegorek and Gonzalez LLP. She is one of the certified specialists in immigration and nationality law. For the last 9, she has focused on the EB-5 immigration and has successfully represented hundreds of foreigners with their I-526 petitions as well as explaining all about US immigration.

These are just a few among the many attorneys in the country.