Affordable Bathroom Remodelling Tips

As time goes by, we tend to get tired of seeing the same bathroom every morning. A remodel of the bathroom is the next idea many consider but may at times end up spending so much. Having your bathroom remodeled by bathroom remodel irvine from time to time is a great way to easily brighten any house. So what should you look out for to ensure a cost friendly renovation? We take a look.


Remodeling is often thought by many as scraping down everything and bringing in new stuff. This has a direct effect of piling up costs when the materials disposed of could still be in use. The bath tub, for example, will mostly have cosmetic problems which may include a yellowed surface or small cracks around it. Refinishing can easily make it look better and still cost cheaper. Shower liners, on the other hand, will cost you more and still require replacements after some years.


Toilet installation may seem like an impossible feat that can only be achieved by a professional. It is however not that complex with transporting it to the bathroom is the main concern because of its weight. Most toilets today come with fitting pipes that require simple connections before they are ready for use. This could save you money otherwise spent on plumbers.


Granite floors are the in thing currently, and you may easily be tempted to choose them for their general nice look. These alone may, however, eat up into your entire bathroom remodel budget. A great alternative to this which offers the same soft floor look with great consideration to cost is vinyl flooring. Recent innovations have enabled the creation of plank vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring. These promise to offer elegant flooring options to moderate budgets.


The painting comes among the last tasks before the entire remodel of the bathroom is done. The excitement of seeing the final appearance may at times push many to spending on a painter. You can easily save on this by painting the room by yourself. An entire house would have demanded a professional painter because of its massive size. The bathroom, on the other hand, is a very small area considering most parts would have been covered with tiles and mirrors. You are hence left with only a small area that will take you about 2 days to complete.


From the vast sources of information available nowadays, it has become easy to get hold of many design ideas and trends available on the market. You may still require the service of a qualified designer to help you plan your living room or kitchen outlook which may be somehow complicated. With the bathroom, however, you could save by designing it yourself. The positive aspect of being the designer is you can decide to retain the position of major plumbing. This has an effect of saving on the general cost as it costs more to move drainage and water supply pipes. With the right choice of materials and at times stepping in to do some of the tasks, you could save a great deal. Some tasks such as painting and designing could turn out to be fun while still helping you to save money at the same time.