Adjustable dumbbell: The king of exercise made more convinience

Dumbbells are the important part of any strength training program. Lifting weights, particularly dumbbells improve bone strength, strengthen the heart and also help in losing weight. However, a set of dumbbell consumes a lot of space and money. To tackle this problem, adjustable dumbbell was introduced in the market.


Adjustable dumbbells


The first question that arises in the mind that “What is this adjustable dumbbell.” The answer is quite simple; they are the dumbbell with variable weight. The best adjustable dumbbells comprises of a wide range of metal plates with a different weight that is loaded on a metal bar to obtain desired weight. So a combination of these plates can be used to obtain the dumbbell of required weight. The adjustable dumbbells available in the market are of two types, namely, Selectorized dumbbell and plate loaded dumbbells.

The plate loaded dumbbell comprises of a bar with a sleeve at the end which holds the plate. The amount of weight loaded on these dumbbell depends on the length of the sleeve. Whereas the Selectorized dumbbell the plates get attached to the surface of the other plates. So the weight loaded depend on the number and weight of the plates available to the user. The weight and the number of plates of adjustable dumbbell solely depend on the brand or the model of the dumbbell.


The adjustable dumbbell can be considered as a cheaper alternative to the regular dumbbell as the user doesn’t have to buy a new set of dumbbell just to increase the intensity. These dumbbells are also considered as a better alternative to the costly fitness machine which solely concentrates on a particular muscle group. As these dumbbells are not muscle-specific, they can be used in any exercise. Also, it can be used in the exercise which concentrates on a whole body or a specific muscle group.Besides this, they do not consume a lot of space and are extremely compact.


Due to a wide range of weight, the adjustable dumbbell can be recommended to a person of every fitness level.


Pros of adjustable dumbbell

– The adjustable dumbbells are compact and require less space.

– These dumbbells are cost efficient over traditional dumbbells and other sophisticated fitness machines.

– They are easy to use

– A wide range of exercises can be performed using these dumbbells.

– They are the better alternative to the expensive weight machine.

– The process of changing the plates is time-saving.

– The adjustable dumbbells are convenient as you can perform various exercises in your living room that are usually performed in the gym.

– The adjustable dumbbells support the growth as the user can increase the weight by just attaching a new plate instead of buying a whole new dumbbell. By adding plates, the user can increase the intensity on the muscles thus improving growth.


Cons of adjustable dumbbell

-The maximum weight that can be carried on this dumbbell is limited to a certain weight limit. Thus, these dumbbells are not recommended to heavy lifters.

-Sometimes failure in the adjustable dumbbell can cause severe injuries.

-These dumbbells are provided with a smaller grip which increases the difficulty in spotting.